Sweet Novelette, by Annabel Ho

Whether it's a spectacular wedding cake or a plain cookie to brighten your afternoon, you can trust us to deliver a dessert that is both exquisite and awesome in taste. Sweet Novelette specializes in making different types of cakes, cookies, and chocolates for diverse occasions - weddings, valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers - you name it.

Depending on your particular needs, we bake classic cakes, modern cakes, romantic cakes, vintage cakes, casual cakes, formal cakes or even traditional cakes, all flavored, embellished and filled to your liking. Large cookies, packaged cookies, painted cookies, chocolate tarts, chocolate treats, meringues, gluten-free confections, and lollipops are all part of our delightful menu. Our confections are inspired by a whole range of subjects including fashion, art, ceramic, architecture, science, history, nature, and even children’s stories. Using the finest of ingredients and advanced baking techniques, we meticulously design and make our products to impress, always keeping the end in mind; we are absolutely passionate about cakes and strongly believe that every celebration deserves a mouth-watering dessert that will make guests rave after the last crumb is gone.

Sweet Novelette serves a whole range of clientele, including individuals, corporations, families and groups. Every dessert that we create is custom designed with our incredible clients in mind, no wonder we have a steady stream of satisfied clients always knocking on our door for more service. We greatly value the relationships we build with our clients, our clients’ time, and their concerns. This is the reason we insist that consultations are by appointment only. For an unforgettable dessert, book an appointment with us, place your order, or contact us.