Making your sweet dreams a reality is labor intensive endeavor that requires great skill. We invest several hours or even days of work to have your cakes, chocolates, or cookies specially designed, crafted, and baked just like you want them. At Sweet Novelette, we understand that cakes are special and contribute to the overall success of your event and must, therefore, be made perfect and in good time. It is for this reason that we require our customers to place orders for novelty and wedding cakes one (1) to two (2) months before their event.

Making your order in advance ensures that we have ample time to schedule and work on it, personalizing it inside and out. We value each and every one of our customer and appreciate our limited production schedule. For this reason, we work on orders on first come, first serve basis.

We also appreciate that sometimes placing an advance order isn’t an option. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a unique, custom made cake that will impress your sophisticated guests. We accommodate rush orders subject to the existence of an opening in our schedule. Please call or email to inquire about openings for rush orders.


Feel free to provide pictures of or links to relevant objects, overall structure, color scheme and other references to your preferred cake design. This will go a long way in helping us understand your special requirements. If you provide reference for your cake, we will do our best to apply the same concept, albeit with our own touch. We, therefore, do not guarantee that we will replicate such references 100%.


It’s impossible to offer a hard-and-fast price for all cakes since each cake incorporates so many variables. When pricing our cakes, we take into account the number of servings as well as the complexity of diverse design elements. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one and, therefore, will be priced higher per slice. The list below gives a general guideline on how our cakes are priced.


Our cake prices are determined by weight (in kilos), labor ($25/HR), and materials ($15 min.) used to create your cake.

  • 2.00 KG Approx. 10 Servings $10/ kilo
  • 3.00 KG Approx. 20 Servings $10/ kilo
  • 5.00 KG Approx. 40 Servings $15/ kilo
  • 8.00 KG Approx. 70 Servings $15/ kilo
  • Wedding cakes are priced at $500 and above

Sweet novelette wedding cake prices are determined by the number of guests attending your reception. For a minimum of 50 guests, the cake is priced at $10/slice at the least


Consultation may be requested via phone or through our contact page. All consultations are by appointment only. Consultation reservation requests should be made 4 business days prior to the consultation date chosen.


Event date
Approx. # of Guest
Event location (Address and main number)
Preferred shape of cake (i.e. Round or Square)
Items you would like to incorporate (i.e flowers, cake toppers, etc.)
Sample of preferred color swatches

During consultation a sampling fee of $10/person is charged. This allows the guest to savor three (3) different cake bodies and three (3) different cake fillings. Upon confirmation of your order, the sampling fee will be credited toward the final order.


You have the option of choosing between these cake bodies: Marzipan, Blueberry Rosemary, Chocolate, Apricot Moscato, and Brandy Dates.


You also have the option of choosing between these buttercream fillings: Raspberry Rose, Lemon, Vanilla, Salted caramel, chocolate, and Roasted 6 grains.

Having more than one flavor in your cake is a welcome idea. Please note that different flavors in cake tiers will incur an additional $50/ tier for cakes with two (2) or more tiers.


You may opt to collect your cake or have it delivered to your venue. Delivery rates are calculated on a per mile basis ($0.75/ mile) to/from the event location. All cake deliveries will incur a $100 setup fee and those made on a non-business day will incur an extra $100 fee.

A 50% deposit is required after the final consultation. We accept all major credit cards and cash. Please note that we do not accept personal checks. Upon delivery or collection, the deposit will be credited to your total cost. The balance is due in full one (1) week prior to the event.

For all novelty cakes being picked up at our location, payments may be handled on the day of collection.


While changes may be requested, we cannot guarantee that they will be accommodated. In the event that change is possible, labor and materials may incur additional charge. Please call to inquire if changes can be made.

Cancellations made two (2) weeks prior to the delivery or collection date will forfeit 60% of their original deposit. Cancellations made later than two (2) weeks prior to an event date will forfeit the entire amount of deposit.


While we do our best to ensure your custom cake is of utmost quality, we are not liable for any loss and/or damages to your cake once it has been delivered to the event location. We will not be held responsible for late arrival of your cake due to inclement weather, poor road conditions, traffic and/or accidents.


We reserve the rights to openly discuss and post images of all baked goods we worked on 24 hours after the event.


We are accommodative of all dietary needs and will be happy to discuss these requirements with you. Note, however, that our products may contain or come into contact with dairy, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens.